We provide personal care.

We are delighted to provide professionally trained carer to service users at thier homes. after the necessary assessment has been done.

Sometimes it is difficult to fit into normal lifestyle that will aid recovery after an operation or prolonged stay in hospital.


We support you from the first day of your return home to the point you are able to do most

things for yourself.


Our services includes Supervision of discharge arrangements

Food shopping, Help with washing, dressing and personal care

Physical assistance and support to move safely around the home

Light housekeeping, Accompaniment to appointments

Re-assessment of needs


We provide care support.

Our Care Support Assistants provide support to service users according to thier care plan. We support client and encourage them to be as independent as possible.

We assist our clients to develop and acquire skills that will enable them lead a fulfulled and independent life.

We initially get to know our clients on individual basis prior and during the transition into supported living; and our support includes but not limited to settling in new tenants


Support with household budgeting, including help with correspondence, and the payment of bills.


We work with you, your family, your GP and professionals from a variety of other healthcare organisations to ensure that all medical needs and requirements are met.

All of the care we provide is built around the individual. So, as well as taking your medical needs into account, we’ll also consider your likes, dislikes, interests and personality. We can then confidently match you with a carer you have plenty in common with.


We provide overnight care at your home.

Most reason why people need overnight Care is to either give the family or the main carer the opportunity to get a good rest or break. Some could be to ease a loved one’s anxiety about being alone at night.


There are two main types of Overnight care we offier, namely::

A sleeping night

A waking night


Based on your needs or that of your loved one, we have structured the above overnight care to be flexible and accommodate you to build the right level of care for you. It also helps when and if the care needs changes, especially if you’re recovering from an injury or are managing a progressive medical condition. Your night-time care support can be easily altered at any time


Part of what we do in the overnight care includes:

Assisting with continent needs to prevent skin detoriation

Support with administering medication through the night

Bed sore management to ensure regular changing of position in bed

Better overall health by being able to rest through the night

Someone on hand for those living with progressive conditions such as dementia

Extra peace of mind for your family knowing someone is on-hand


We have experiened live-in-carer

We provide live-in-carer, Our carer are experienced and well trained to ensure the service user's need are met in accordance with the rules of engagements at all times. 

Research shows that three out of four of us want to remain in our own homes as we get older. For many of our older clients, our service has prevented hospital or care home admission, whilst improving health and wellbeing at home, that is why at FollyRow Healthcare, we ensure that we tailor make a live-in-care plan involving a full time carer (depending on your needs) who will deliver professionalism and quality care.

Our live-in care for adults covers all ages across the UK and with many varying health conditions, and care for progressive conditions such as multiple sclerosis. An efficient and effective live-in-care service is the one that assures and delivers consistency, independency and reliability. These are what FollyRow Healthcare promises and delivers.


Irrespective of your need; be it a 24-hour support for a loved one to prevent trips and falls, or want support with your own health needs to assist you with day-to-day needs at home, at work or through university or companionship. Whatever the health condition or care requirements, our team are readily available to build the right care plan for you.

Contact us for more information and a no obligatory quote.


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